Thursday, April 28, 2016

31+ weeks

Went for an appointment with Dr Tan again today. After 3 weeks of going cold turkey on the canned drinks, baby is finally back on track in terms of size. His estimated weight today is 1.8kg and all his measurements are great (except the head... but apparently that is all genetics and can't be helped)

As we approach my due date, we have realised there are so many things that need to be done!

1. Insurance - in the process of getting insurance for baby/childbirth complications
2. Baby things - nope, we have not bought anything!
3. Pack the 'go bag' with what's needed for my stay at the hospital.
4. Hire a maid! - Need to look for a good maid agency, shortlist a maid, make sure she comes in just before my confinement lady leaves.

And 2 weeks ago, all I was thinking about was baby names. How did it snowball to this?

Monday, April 18, 2016

30 Weeks - Movement has changed

There has been less kicks/punches from the little one this past week. Instead, the movement has mostly been turns or squirms. Sometimes it feels as though he's knuckling me from inside! I guess he's running out of room in there.

I've been a little concerned over the past 2 weekends because he gets a little quiet after prenatal yoga. I started on prenatal yoga a few weeks back and I've noticed that there is very little (almost none) movement from him on Saturdays and Sundays. Then Monday comes along and he is active again. Someone has suggested that perhaps the yoga movement soothes and calms the baby. I certainly hope that's the case!

I've been trying my best not to yell at my class. The daily yelling cannot be good for baby. But really, those kids... *sigh* Today, while I was dealing with one group, one of the boys from another group decided to combine his highlighter fluid with the water provided for the experiment... then he made a big mess on the table. I lost it. I lost it not just because he messed up the place. There were several reasons.

1. He was rude to the EL teacher (first period)
2. He made fun of his classmate's name (3rd period)
3. He was inattentive, his work not done, his experimental results were... non-existent. Then he decided to fool around during lab. (6th period)

So yes, I lost it. Yelled again.

I heard more complaints from teachers after that... So annoyed.

Anyway, baby gets verrrryyy quiet when I'm yelling.. and he stays pretty quiet for the time after yelling. So maybe he hides from mommy cos mommy yells too much :(
At some point I'm just going to chill and go "Yes, you kids go ahead. He took your pencil? Here's another. He did what else? OK you, just stand here. yes, stand here and don't move. don't speak. don't let me notice your existence for 15 minutes"

God. I can't stand young kids. Ironic, isn't it?

Friday, April 08, 2016

28+ Weeks

Today was my school's sports day. It was uncomfortably warm and extremely tiring, but I am thankful that the event team planned light duties for me. All I did was accompany my class to the stadium and did some data/scoring thing for the track events.

I was supposed to see Dr Tan yesterday but she had to reschedule me to this afternoon because one of her patients went into labour. Melvin was annoyed the whole of yesterday afternoon. He wasn't annoyed because we had been rescheduled, really. Because he knows this things can't be helped. She IS a gynae and her job is to be there to assist with delivery. He was annoyed because we were actually home early yesterday afternoon. He'd taken 1/2 day leave and I finished school early. He'd asked me to call the clinic to see if we can pop in earlier (at about 2.30pm) but I dawdled on it. Was unwilling to call because our appointment was at 4.30pm anyway.. what's a 2-hour diff going to make?

So when we got a call from her clinic at about 3.45pm to say she needed to reschedule because one of her patients was in labour, he was way annoyed with me.

Anyhow, we managed to make the 2.45pm appointment for today. I was given a choice of 2.45pm or 4.30pm and I chose the 2.45pm appointment because I knew I wasn't going to stay back in school after the sports day. Would be too sticky/tired/thirsty etc.

Melvin managed to take leave today even though I was prepared to go alone.. so.. yay :):)

Long story short, baby is STILL measuring a week ahead. He was measuring 29 weeks and 3 or 4 days. He's supposed to be 28 weeks 5 days....
Sigh. Baby has a rolly-polly tummy. And a head at 80+ percentile. AND he already weighs 1.3kg. She says the only 'acceptable' measurement is his thigh bone.

Does this mean he has short legs compared to the rest of him then?

Baby weighs 1.3kg. Mommy here has put on 8kg and is at a whopping 63.7kg!

Dr Tan said she is going to give me one more chance to cut down on my sugar intake. If the baby is still measuring a week ahead the next scan, she'll make me do a test for gestational diabetes.

no sugar. omg. how will i survive this.......

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Our 6th Wedding Anniversary

Melvin's in camp today for his reservist so I'm home alone. I'm a little annoyed with him because he spent hours a day looking for a messenger bag for himself on Carousel, but he didn't even spend half the effort looking at where we can celebrate our wedding anniversary.

I've been telling myself that we've enjoyed ourselves quite abit this past week. We went to the Old Airport Road for breakfast and Coastal Settlement for dinner on Wednesday. We went to Gardens by the Bay on Friday, with lunch at Bakerzin. We went for gyoza on Saturday.

That's a lot of outings in a week! And that should be enough, right?

So why does it still feel as though we didn't really celebrate our anniversary?

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Week 24 - Feeling a little crummy

Woke up this morning and it felt as if I was going to die.

I had cramps. My legs were numb. I wanted to throw up. and the room was spinning.

Couldn't do anything but lay down there for the next half hour, whining away. Even now, I don't feel so good.

There, I just wanted to complain.

On the baby side of things, the little boy is growing well. His kicks are getting stronger. Melvin is amazed whenever he feels the baby kick. He'll gush about it for the whole day, in fact. It's good knowing the little one is getting stronger. Means he is healthy, right?

It turns out I have an anterior placenta - so I won't be able to feel ALL his movements. I've also noticed that I feel the strongest kicks higher up in my belly, so I can probably estimate where the placenta is. There was once, however, baby must have been kicking my bladder. Let's just say I felt every kick and with every kick, I needed to go pee.

OK, I thought I'd have the energy to type out a full post.. turns out I don't. Really just want to crawl into bed and whine because I feel sick again.

Will find the energy to post again..

*Update: Dr Tan has banned me from all sweet drinks :(*

Two weeks ago (week 22) - Baby was measuring at 500g. It was an average size and all good.

This week (week 24) - Baby was measuring at 750g!!! One week ahead!

Dr Tan says that judging from the size and amount of liquid in the sac, it's obvious I've been taking in a lot of sugar these 2 weeks. Sigh, guilty as charged.. been indulging in bubble tea....

So, no more sweet stuff for me unless I want an oversized baby and risk it getting stuck halfway on it's way out.


*end update*

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Week 20 - Severe back pain, and the realization that something is moving

The past week or so has been torturous. My back pain worsened. It started off with pain as I stand/sit or lean forward. Now it hurts to move, period. Sharp pain when I walk and all, so I limp around school going 'ow, ow, ow...' In fact, it's no longer accurate to call it a back pain. Seems more like a 'deep in right butt cheek' sort of pain. And panadol does NOT help.

Melvin has been an absolute rock. He does everything in the house now and doesn't even need nagging to get things done. He does all he can to make sure I'm comfy and happy. I'm so thankful he has been playing an active role in this pregnancy. In fact, he has tried to ensure he's there for all medical appointments as well. So far, he's only missed one because there was a looming deadline for some report.

The baby?fetus? has been moving around abit lately. I'm starting to feel random light pokes from inside. It's a little freaky. Started off as a "eh, is it? Maybe not.. could be gas". Now it's definitely poking me from inside. The pokes are not visible from the outside. Melvin put his hand on my belly to see if he could feel the pokes last night, and he couldn't feel a thing. We'll give it another go when the pokes eventually become.. karate kicks...

In the meantime, we've arranged for hospital tours and antenatal classes. I've also confirmed my confinement nanny. It's going to be a busy few months!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Week 18 - Gaining weight

I weighed myself this evening.

Maybe I shouldn't have because now I just feel like a cow.

I was already struggling with my weight before the pregnancy. At my lowest last year, I was 53kg. Then somehow I ballooned to 56kg. This was BEFORE pregnancy, and with me going to gym 2 - 3 times a week. Don't ask me how I managed to put on 3kg while going to gym.

Now I'm a whooping 60kg! Well, 59.6 to be exact, but hey, it's rounded off to 60kg. I haven't been bingeing or 'eating for two'. I have three meals, and fruit in between when I get hungry. Maybe it's the lack of exercise. I've been telling myself I should exercise, but at the end of each school day... I'm so tired that I'm in bed by 9pm... exercise is truly the furthest thing from my mind. Hopefully all the stair climbing in school is enough. To be fair I climb at least 10 floors a day...

I did find a website that calculates for you how much you are supposed to put on though. It's not for asian bodies, so I'm not sure how accurate it is. The depressing thing is if I follow the 'average' weight gain, I'll be a 70kg blimp by the end of my pregnancy. 70kg *whine* I'd look like a coooowwww.

I need to find a prenatal exercise class.