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Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.


Funky Computer Table.
Lose 2kg.
Lose 5kg.
Dinner for 2 at somewhere posh.
Want a holiday - anywhere.
Trip to Japan.
Go on a Cruise with Melvin.
Make first $1000 from share trading.

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    / Monday, October 11, 2010

    Gah. I'm sick. sick sick sick.

    My nose is so stuffed that I haven't really 'smelt' anything today. I sound like a frog. My head feels like it's going to split open.

    And it's all Melvin's fault.

    Melvin is still sick too. We went to the doctor's together. So the conversation went something like this -

    Doc: Melvin, you were here last Thursday.. Hmm. Haven't recovered? I'll prescribe more meds then.

    Me: Make it two. Whatever he's got, I've got too.

    It's apparently not the 'flu'. Some upper respiratory tract infection. That apparently, when 1 person gets, the entire family normally follows suit. Fantastic.

    I'm a little drugged so complete sentences take time to form in my head. going to sleep the day away.

    I painted my dreams at 10:11 AM

    / Monday, September 27, 2010

    It's the start of week 3 of teaching (though technically, I've only been teaching for 8 working days, including today). Lost two days to a course and one day to PSLE Listening Comprehension.

    Things haven't improved one bit.

    And there will be a senior teacher observing my class tomorrow for 2 periods.

    Who knows, I may be jobless after tomorrow.

    I really suck at teaching. The students don't even pay attention to me...

    GAH. Nervous.

    I painted my dreams at 9:42 PM

    / Wednesday, September 15, 2010

    I had this particular conversation with a colleague today. She asked me if I was enjoying the whole teaching experience. It's been a tiring three days.. but I told her, quite honestly, that they were little monkeys. Albeit adorable ones..

    Her advice? Wait a year and my description of the kids will be very different.

    The principal also seems rather nice. friendly. gave alot of advice..

    In fact, the teachers, on the whole, are very supportive. Offering to help out with this and that.. answering my many stupid questions (umm.. do you call his mom if you catch the boy cheating in spelling?.. oh.. and DO you teach composition to 9 year olds..). I suppose the politicking doesn't apply unless you're working there full time.

    The volume of marking is... a..nightmare.. to say the least. I marked from 1pm (after class) to 5.30pm... went home, had dinner, then marked from 7.30pm to 10.30pm. And I was quite surprised at the concentration needed for marking. Everytime I get distracted, I'll forget where I'd stopped...

    And this is without all the admin work a full time teacher needs to do.

    I still have 2 months to decide.

    I painted my dreams at 6:52 PM

    / Thursday, September 02, 2010

    I received my assignment letter the other day. can't believe that my holiday is coming to an end. *sigh* it has been a wonderful 4 months of doing nothing at all. A pity we all must return to reality. My bank account is almost depleted and it's time to go make some money and get on with a miserable working life.

    Sometimes I wish I had Genie's life. Run around the house and bark, eat, sleep and play. If there's such a thing as reincarnation then she must have done something right the previous round, eh?

    I wonder what my new work place is like. I'm sure it won't be like my previous workplace at all. I did enjoy working there. I liked my colleagues. It's a tad far, but not THAT bad. Who knows, maybe I'll return if this new thing doesn't work out.

    I painted my dreams at 12:39 PM

    / Thursday, August 26, 2010

    I am annoyed.

    Failed to ballot for a flat. Again.

    Screw you HDB.

    Nuff Said.

    I painted my dreams at 1:56 PM

    / Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    It was a very odd experience.

    I dreamt of grandma the other night. I won't go into detail, but it ended up with me telling her how much I missed her and bursting out in tears.

    When I woke up, I was already crying and felt upset enough to wake Melvin up in the middle of the night. Then I couldn't stop. I just kept crying and crying, until I fell asleep again.

    I thought I'd stopped grieving.. apparently my subconscious disagrees. Or maybe because I shove her to the back of my head. bury the thoughts of her somewhere. So I don't think of her all that much, preoccupied by other things and this is a manifestation of buried grief and pain.

    Either way, I'm still feeling a lil achy (emotionally speaking). I'm not in my thirties and already 2 very important women in my life has passed - both rather abruptly. I can't describe this feeling of.. loss. There I better stop typing before I burst out in tears again. Time heals all wounds. This will just take time.

    I painted my dreams at 10:55 PM

    / Thursday, August 12, 2010

    And so it is, I'm now a year older (and hopefully, wiser).

    It was particularly sweet birthday, though it cost Melvin a bomb and his wallet will spend the next few months recuperating.

    We went out in the afternoon for a bit of shopping. I didn't manage to find anything I liked in particular. Nothing I need, really. Though on hindsight, I should have asked for an electric toothbrush. THAT, I need. You girls see how romantic we are? The conversation would have went like:

    Melvin:: What would you like for your birthday?
    Cat: A toothbrush.

    Anyway, since I didn't find anything I liked in particular, he paid for my online shopping instead ^^ Got some items, out of which 25% I will never wear. Don't ask... it looked pretty on the model, but made me look like I was wearing a curtain. Or a sack. Or a prostitute. Depending on which item..

    And we went for dinner at The sail@Marina. It was quite romantic, really. We had a private corner of our own that faced the Marina Barrage. Food was average with a not-so-average price tag. Wine and some bubbly. Good bread.

    What really made it special was the National Day rehearsals going on at the Barrage :P I got to see fireworks! I mean, I've seen fireworks before in Sydney.. but the whole dinner, wine, fireworks combi... felt good.

    I had a coronary when the bill came, though. And complained about it the entire ride home. I mean, it's his treat and he kept saying it's for my birthday so it's OK. But GAaaah I'm never going there again. I can eat for a month what we spent on dinner that night.

    I painted my dreams at 1:51 PM